Getting Started With Compute Engine – GCP hands on lab

Getting started with compute engine on google cloud platform GCP here’s hands on lab of the features offered by compute engine. Compute engine allows you to create virtual machine instances in the cloud, there’s many different ways to launch virtual machines using GCP.

for example if we needed to launch an Ubuntu 14 server we could browse the templates available in the instance templates on compute engine, you can also configure custom templates to your liking with specified resources that can launched at a later time. this is very essential for testing and development, especially at the enterprise level this could save time when needing to spin of several virtual machines at once.

Cloud Launcher 

Comes with many different images which are available from vendors who offer their services and hardened images for applications we use everyday. You can use the cloud launcher for launching linux instances, WordPress images by different vendors like Bitnami, WordPress Engine. The cloud launcher on the google cloud platform is very essential for vendors and developers, you can use these templates for faster deployment times, such as launching a windows server that’s hardened with extra security features you wouldn’t need to configure yourself. Here’s a screen shot of images that are available from Cognosys Inc

Screenshot 2018-01-22 08.48.22

Configuring Resources on compute engine 

GCP offers always free resource limits which includes one f1-micro instance in addition to 30Gb standard persistent disk storage and 5GB of snapshot storage. The second instance size after the f1-micro is the g1-small which offers 1.7 gb ram and 1 virtual cpu the price is $13.13 USD monthly if fully utilized, the f1-micro is only free for the first instance, so an additional instance for the f1-micro would be $4.28 monthly considering the use of 10gb Standard Persistent Disk.

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