Hybrid Cloud Concept Microsoft Azure Express Route VPN

Microsoft ExpressRoute is a VPN service for enterprises allowing you to connect to Microsoft azure services, office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics.

What is ExpressRoute?

In simple terms ExpressRoute allows an organization an extra layer of security for on premise data that passes to the cloud, according to Microsoft the traffic doesn’t pass over the public internet.

Do you need ExpressRoute for Hybrid Cloud

That all depends on your use case for processing data, but as an IT organization any extra layer of security or mechanism is always a good thing. Express can be considered a VPN with modern technology we haven’t experienced a need for yet, Microsoft customers might find a need for ExpressRoute for employees who work with sensitive data as a extra layer of security, this could mean processing data and being compliant with information laws recommending services like this to protect information.

Virtual Private Cloud Connection

Virtual private cloud connections are expensive, but also reliable sources to prevent data breaches.

But Microsoft Express Route becomes confusing, you need to use a service provider but if you don’t you can still connect to the services, if you have a private IP address that’s also not usable so you need to configure a public IP address that would route through Express Route, this would require a proxy between your internal network and Network Address Translation For ExpressRoute For it to work. This makes ExpressRoute a little different from other cloud options out there.

I won’t get too into detail but other cloud providers have IPSec Solutions to connect to VPC through VPN only requiring that the connection is coming from a IPSec Connection from on premise. For Microsoft ExpressRoute is another addition to their cloud service tools.

Concept of how ExpressRoute Works

  • You can create any to any IP VPN connection – this would allow you to route on premise traffic from multiple wide area locations through one ExpressRoute tunnel.
  • Point to point Ethernet connection – You Express Route from on premise to cloud (one location)
  • Cloud exchange co-location (all of these options serve the purpose of bandwidth assurance, security and reliability)

ExpressRoute connects the on premise services to cloud services using an Express Route circuit.

ExpressRoute common use scenarios

Express route can be considered assurance for pushing data to the cloud, making commit changes to containers, accessing virtual machines among other things. I’d hate to call it a fancy and pricey VPN because I’m sure there’s organizations who appreciate it or will at some point in time.

ExpressRoute can be crucial player for some enterprises, such as working with big data, processing big data, storing sensitive information, retrieving sensitive information. This is not something most organizations would consider pushing to the cloud, and if so it’s to remain private how those services are being utilized.

Microsoft has a guide for explaining Microsoft dynamics 365 and express route.

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