How to become a data Scientist, or analyst with Python – R programming

if your interested in learning about python or data science hands on below is the best and easiest way to learn Python, and R programming languages, but if your new then you would benefit more using codecademy to get started on your learning journey which will help you at least learn the syntax for these languages.

Here’s the best way to learn data science and python


Offers many different modules that are strictly hands on for learning python, data science and R. While some of their courses are free, there’s a monthly subscription giving you access to all content on their website.

here’s a short list of courses offered by DataQuest


Which is my favorite platform for learning about python and data science, offers many different hands on courses, it’s highly recommended that you at least know (beginner level) python programming such as basic syntax.


Offers a lightweight course on python, as well as SQL, you should definitely start with these beginner level courses before looking else where. Codecademy has updated their course offerings for data science. Codecademy has launched an intensive pro program that features a hands on learning approach and courses start at $199.


Is the go to source for everything open source, you should look at source code and build small projects on github this will help build a better credential for trying to land a job in data science, analytics, machine learning and more.

Here’s a short list of open source projects on GitHub for Data Science 

Machine Learning Mind Map

Automated climate data analysis and management

Introduction to Data Science in Python

Why data science?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence is something that’s on the rise in the world of programming, companies pay very high salaries for those who are highly talented.

Python is one of the easiest languages to learn, and honestly no language is easy to learn but why? Programming and coding requires a very strong skill Set because your not actually learning how something works, but teaching it how to work and programming it to do what you want it to do.

Building your projects

As a programmer building your portfolio is just as important as learning how to develop software, or program and build what you love. Making contributions to open source projects on github is ideal and looks good on your resumè.

Is a college degree required to land a job?

That all depends on the job your trying to land, most programmers and IT professionals probably don’t have college degrees, but those who don’t probably had a early head start before it was so much of an requirement.

Use your learned experience to build projects that are very unique, help a potential employer understand why your skill Set is more superior than your competition.

If your interested in starting a career as a data analyst, data scientist, or python developer, dedicate at least (3) hours a day on learning the language that is most suitable to your liking.

After 40 hours of learning you should be able to apply what you learned and build open source projects (recommend). if you need help with any of your projects or projects that are made available to you online stack overflow  has many community supporters for just about any topic on the web especially programming.

Know what you want to build

Learning Python and R by example takes a lot of practice, if your using DataQuest, DataCamp, you should these platforms at least 2 hours a day and play around with source code to understand how to apply programming in real time. if you already have experience in python or R then you can simple head over to kaggle which is a platform for working with data, competing with other data science developers and seeing how they published data using data available on the web.

Icons made by Alfredo Hernandez from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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