Google Console App For IOS

The console app by google for its google cloud platform is amazing. Some of us take technology for granted but I wanted to write about the google console app available for iPhone and iPad. The console app allows you to monitor resources and configure your home screen for most important alerts and monitoring needs, such as CPU, APIs, and the list goes on.

I didn’t think much of the app at first until I realized you could actually ssh into your instances and work right from your mobile device, this is important for almost any sys admin, Developer using the GCP for production.

From Desktop to mobile for managing applications

2016 was a great year for smartphone apps, as companies like google, WordPress, Shopify, Microsoft, Drift, Quip, have really up their game with squeezing desktop features into mobile applications. Although I love me a desktop PC, and Mac, mobile is just easier.

We’ve reached the heights of monitoring CPU usage for virtual machine instances in mobile applications, using mobile devices to talk to users in real time through front end live chat for websites.

Google has done a great job with such an open standard for its products, I haven’t had the time but hopefully soon I’ll create my series of how to use the platform, I’ll most likely just create 2 minute video modules to help others get started with using the GCP platform.

Google Console App Features

SSH – You can SSH into your virtual machines, work from the CLI

Monitoring – Monitor anything from billing, get alerts for reaching a certain billing quota, API monitoring, See CPU usage.

Health – The sole purpose of the Console app for GCP is health monitoring for your services, being able to access your resources and make small moderations should you not have access to a pc immediately.

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