Linux Academy Review – Learning Linux and Cloud Platform Skills

Linux Academy is a learning platform for Linux, AWS, Open stack, DevOps, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Should you use the Linux Academy learning platform? 

One of the main benefits of using the Linux Academy platform is the resources and benefits that come with its training module courses. When signing  up with Linux Academy you can spin up virtual servers  and follow through with tutorials instead of watching videos only.

Linux academy has introductory courses for learning Git, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Chef.


Linux Academy offers two pricing points

  • Monthly $29
  • Yearly $228
  • If you try it for a month and suspend your membership, there’s a special for $79 for 3 months.

Linux Academy is worth it, but always look for official documentation for working with Linux such as Centos, and fedora administrative guides which are free respectively through the websites of those distributions.

Although there’s a lot being covered through many different courses on the Linux Academy platform, you should map exactly what you want to learn and how often you’ll learn it, trying to learn everything at once will become overwhelming.

What Linux Academy won’t do for you 

Linux Academy won’t provide an entirely structured learning process for you, although it aims at doing so it’s really for professionals so you might find certain courses or explanations being to fast for your recommended learning experience. Linux academy does offer beginner courses which you should watch first if you have no linux experience at all.

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